Closed Jiu Jitsu group lesson for companies and other communities.
Lesson can be booked individually for team events or as a series.
Class is individually adapted to the group and accordingly suitable for all.
May be held at the Academy or other suitable location.
Jiu Jitsu Group Events
The lessons for closed groups are ideal for team events or other events of various kinds. This class is aimed at companies regardless of size and industry as well as other communities such as clubs. The versatility of Jiu Jitsu allows the classes to be flexible in terms of the individual starting point and the needs of the group, after consultation. This ensures that all participants benefit from the event regardless of their personal fitness level. The lessons can be arranged variably in terms of time and are based on the Jiu Jitsu principles of self-defense. Of course, sports clubs from other disciplines are also welcome. The lesson can take place in our Academy or at another suitable location by arrangement. Furthermore, this offer can be booked as a single event or as a series of courses.
Our Jiu Jitsu classes for businesses and communities offer the perfect alternative to the daily routine. The ability to step out of your comfort zone is an increasingly important personal attribute in our fast-paced times. Whether in the workplace or in our personal lives, we are increasingly confronted with new situations and tasks that test our stress resistance. In the practice of Jiu Jitsu, finding solutions to problems becomes the norm. This increases the employees self-confidence and, as a result, physical well-being and mental strength. Of course, the fun factor is not neglected, so that the team spirit is positively influenced.
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